Dear friends, this week we spoke on emerging technologies driving future of retail and e-commerce. We wrote five articles, each speaking on a disruptive technology. Also, previously we had covered all these technologies in depth in their respective study series as well. You will find the links for those study series as well as on this week’s articles below.

So, let’s go through all of them with this quick recap!

  1. Augmented Reality Technology Too Big to Ignore for E-commerce Firms

New technologies like mixed, augmented and virtual reality are proving effective in allowing consumers to engage with brands and interact with products like never before. Know here on how augmented reality can benefit retailers and brands and where’s the future headed with it. Then watch a demo video of how Amazon’s new augmented reality app works. Read it.

From the study series: Smarter Customer Engagement

  1. 3 Ways How Chatbots Are Reshaping E-commerce Along with Examples

Chatbots bring commerce into part of our lives, and will open up new opportunities. It can deliver tailored recommendations for particular cuts and styles, helping customers find the products they love. Chatbots throws you a new way to communicate effectively with customers. Besides, it’s a useful marketing tool maintaining your clients’ experience and they may provide the entire purchase for users. Additionally, know about some popular e-commerce brands advancing with this technology. Read it.

From the study series: AICommerce

  1. What Happens When Machine Learning Combines with IoT in E-Commerce

There are numerous aspects of an e-commerce and retail business that can benefit from IoT technology and machine learning, effectively improving sales, cutting costs and drawing customers back to the store. With features such as optimizing data, pricing, supply-demand prediction and refining visual search, among others, e-commerce has created a pool of innovation by implementing these technologies. Read it.

From the study series: IoTCommerce

  1. 4 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics Playing a Key Role in Digital Commerce

The biggest challenge for most e-commerce businesses remain to collect, store and organise data from multiple data sources. We bring here some specific advantages of big data analytics on how marketers can use them to their advantage in today’s data-driven world of advertising. Bonus, the article consists examples of 2 brands that work with e-commerce companies and platforms on e-commerce analytics. Read it.

From the study series: Digital Marketers Week

  1. What to Choose Between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server for E-commerce

Businesses want their data to be hosted in an environment that is secure and easily accessible and at an affordable cost. For entrepreneurs wanting to launch an e-commerce site the hosting market has two popular options – the cloud and the dedicated server. Grasp here the key differences between them along with their pros and cons, and also know which one is better from an e-commerce point of view. This article will help choose the best server suited according to you need. Read it.

From the study series: CloudCommerce

So, these were the five technologies discussed throughout this week, to benefit e-commerce companies, retailers and online businesses.

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